Functional Modifications

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Feldbahn Steam Locomotive - Injector water supply from driving truck Feldbahn Steam Locomotive - Injector Overflow Pipes Feldbahn Steam Locomotive - Replacement O ring clack valves Feldbahn steam locomotive - Replacement water valve levers

Injectors fed from driving truck Relocated injector overflow pipe Clack valves Injector water valve levers

Cylinder drain cock outlet pipes for a Feldbahn miniature steam locomotive
Lubricator modification to stop Feldbahn over oiling
Feldbahn Derailing bar Critical modifications to the Feldbahn vacuum brake system
Cylinder drain cock outlet pipes
Lubricator Derailing Bar Vacuum Braking System (Essential changes)
Leaky whistle valve on a Station Road Steam Feldbahn New globe valves for a Feldbahn stem engine Fitting electric boiler feed pumps to a Feldbahn stem engine
Leaking Whistle Valve Globe Valves Electric boiler feed pumps