2016 Running Log

Date Location Activity Mileage Comments
05/06/2016 A&DMES  (Wherwell) Not a lot 0 The modified Feldbahn got as far as the steaming bay at Wherwell today but never made it onto the track.  Various joints and parts that had been perfectly OK when tested on compressed air and during the hydraulic test developed leaks when under steam, and both injectors didn't want to operate properly.  I think the steam leaks were due to the use of PTFE paste so everything will be dismantled and rebuilt with PTFE tape.  The injectors may simply need cleaning having been left unused for over 9 months since the Feldbahn was last used.
31/07/2016 Home Steam Test 0 Seven hydraulic tests conducted today before manifold adaptor to boiler steam leak stopped weeping.  A steam test was then conducted which showed that all joints were sealed and the new whistle valve was operating without any leakage.  An electric water pump was also tested in place of the right-hand injector and proven to work perfectly (and quietly).
21/08/2016 A&DMES (Wherwell) Running 8.95 Four months late but at last Gentoo 2 is back on the track.  The annual steam test was passed without any problems and the much modified engine ran perfectly all day.  The electric boiler feed pumps worked better than I had expected being inaudible when the engine is "in steam" and only using 2 Ah of power from the battery for the entire day.  I expect I'll be called all sorts of things for not having injectors, but not having to constantly look down to restart them (they used to cut out every time the engine hit a bump in the track) is a real pleasure.  If I could get a pair of good injectors I'd prefer to use them but for now I'll stick with these pumps.
08/10/2016 Bath & West Showground Running 12.73 Visit to the East Somerset Society of Model and Experimental Engineers track for their open day.  No problems with Gentoo 2 and a great event with traction engines and steam cars running around the site as well as lots of interesting locomotives.

Total mileage this year                   = 21,58
Total passenger mileage this year  = 00.00