2015 Running Log
Summary of the year.
There is not much to report on this year.  Having left Pinewood and their lengthy public running season at the end of 2014 this has been a very low mileage year, made a lot worse by a prolonged spell of illness in the second half of the year.  However being stuck at home has given me plenty of time to plan a significant number of changes for Gentoo 2, both functional and cosmetic.  With components now on order, and a contract for a major sub assembly having been placed, I hope that next year will bring plenty to report on and that the changes will renew my interest in operating Gentoo 2 away from the fun of public running.
Date Location Activity Mileage Comments
12/04/2015 A&DMES  (Wherwell) Test running. 4.51 First run for 6 months and also the first time the Feldbahn has run on my new society track (Andover & District Model Engineering Society).  Safety valve refused to lift even when the gauge showed almost 160 psi requiring rectification (descaling) before running could commence.  Injectors also not working as well as they had been.  Perhaps things have scaled up as a result of the loco being stored (dry) for 6 months.  Vacuum ejector from PNP Railways seems to be working nicely and uses much less steam than the ejector supplied by Station Road Steam.
25/04/2015 Amners Farm Public Running 5.1 Passenger running for Amners Farm Railway (farm lambing weekend).  Carriage brakes stuck 'On' when carriage loaded ended my day very early.
26/04/2015 Amners Farm Public Running 12.17 Passenger running for Amners Farm Railway (farm lambing weekend).  Carriage brakes still dragging when carriage loaded but not as bad after some rectification work.  Feldbahn worked excessively hard all day pulling trains that would not even roll down 1 in 50 descents, but no problems all day.
07/06/2015 A&DMES  (Wherwell) Playing 9.33 Just running to use the engine with no problems all day.
04/07/2015 Guildford Public Running 8.28 A nice 3 1/2 hour session pulling passenger trains during the Guildford model steam rally and exhibition.
06/09/2015 A&DMES  (Wherwell) Boiler tests & playing 2.3 First "Club" boiler tests required as the delivery certification had run out almost 2 months ago (illness meant that the loco has been unused for a while).  Both Hydraulic and steam tests passed OK and the engine was then taken onto the track with its two new wagons.  Please see the photo gallery page for pictures of the new pipe truck (Passenger truck) and guards van .
Total mileage this year                   = 41.69
Total passenger mileage this year  = 25.55