Imitating a full size loco

The superb photograph below (reproduced with the kind permission of Ray Soper) shows one of two Bagnall locomotives owned and operated by B.I.C.C. at their Erith works in Kent.  To me the Stafford bears more than a passing resemblance to these loco's named 'Sir Tom' and 'Woto', so I set about constructing the parts that I thought my Stafford required to make it resemble the full size locomotives.  The actual manufacture took about five weeks, but with the dismal British weather that passed for Spring and then Summer in 2012 it took over four months to get the spray painting done because I use the garden as a spray booth.  Obviously the added items had to fit around existing parts and fixings on the Stafford so some parts had to be sized differently to those on 'Sir Tom', and to ensure that I could see the controls and pressure gauges I ended up raising the roof about 2 inches (50mm) above the ideal level.  However I am very pleased with the end result and you can compare the Bagnall 'Sir Tom' with my Stafford 'Gentoo' in the photos below.
Bagnall stem locomotive 'Sir Tom' by Ray Soper
Stafford steam locomotive fitted with its cab